Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Blackberry Bash - Turning a crisis into opportunity

The fires on Black Saturday caused massive destruction in the Flowerdale community but it also burned out most of the weeds and blackberry bushes that had created problems in the natural waterways and natural environment for many years. The photo of the king Parrot Creek above couldn't have been taken before Black Saturday and we are determined to ensure the creek is accessible and healthy.

Peter Auty got the community together and they decided to have the first blackberry Bash. Effectively the fires have created an opportunity to fully eradicate the noxious weeds with a concerted effort. The blackberry bash is being held today on the 6th December with many community members coming together working with sprayers and tools to get on top of the problem.

The Blackbery Bash held today is the start of a three year program to get things under control. It is great to see people across the community working together and it continues the spirit of collaboration, togetherness and tackling problems off our own bat that has emerged and continued to get stronger since the fires.

It also reinforces the importance of the natural environment to the community which is a key part of the overall recovery of Flowerdale.

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