Friday, January 15, 2010

Murrindindi Shire approves use of Jarara for the new Community House

Some more good news to kick off the year is that the Murrindindi Shire Council has approved the use of the land at Jarara as the location for the new community house. For non locals Jarara was the former location of the Community Centre and Kindergarten that burnt to the ground on Black Saturday.

The Community House Committee in conjunction with the Flowerdale Recovery Committee submitted a grant application to the Federal Government Jobs Fund in May 2009 and in October, the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations approved a grant of $1.67m to build a new Community facility.

With the Kindergarten and Early Child Services facilities now being amalgamated with the School the Jarara land was available and after a number of Council meetings the land was made available.

The important thing is that given that Flowerdale is a very long town, about 11kms between the two "Welcome to Flowerdale" signs, there was effectively no community facilities at the Southern end of the town where most of the community lives. (By the way it is my personal mission to put up a new "Welcome to Flowerdale" sign at the southern end of the town in the near future, the old one which was badly damaged on Black Saturday still hasn't been replaced.)

This multi-purpose facility will provide the opportunity for a wide range of activities and services to be provided to the community. The confirmation of the land being available also means we can get the project moving.

Thanks to all involved to date.


  1. Jarrara is in Hazeldene. Personally, we would like the new community house to be built in Flowerdale, not Hazeldene, the town that did not burn!

  2. That is, in Flowerdale, the town that did not burn and which wants it so badly.

  3. Have you got the street address right, yet? The application, council says, had teh wrong address on it (refer MSC Special Meeting Minutes 18th November 2009 and 9th December 2009).

  4. Refer to paragraph on between the Welcome to Flowerdale signs in terms of what we mean when we talk about Flowerdale. Basically it is a community facility that will be on the site of the Kindergarten/Community Centre which burn't down. At the Future Flowerdale Forum held in July was very clear that residents wanted a community facility at the Southern end of town.

  5. Acknowledged, BUT, there were ONLY 100-150 people there, which does not equate to one person from every house in Hazeldene which was destroyed in the bushfires. Why not put it on a vacant block of land near where most of the people live and where there is easy access on a road which hdoes a circuit loop - Creekside Drive or Riverside Drive?

  6. Better check where Flowerdale actually is before you put that sign in, Pete. Flowerdale starts after Long Gully Road, in teh direction of the pub, according to the State Government website detailing place boundaries. Wouldn't want the FSC and its representatives stuffing up,again, if what Anonymouse said is true about the Community House (and it appears what he said is true from the November minutes). Seems the people who live in Hazeldene might like a "Welcome to Hazeldene" sign. Can you arrange that for them, too? Would be nice to give them something that they want instead of what everyone else doesn't want.

  7. I eould like to clarify Flowerdale border situation.
    The government several years ago changed the name of Flowerdale which was not known widely to the community. They renamed & rezoned us in two areas Hazeldene & Flowerdale.
    As a resident for a very long time & growing up in surrounding area I would like to clarify that Hazeldene was only the general store. According to what I have been told by elders & family members of the town the Hazeldene General Store got its name as the people who owned it had a daughter named Hazel & a son named Dene.
    So Hazeldene does not exist technically according to history and the pioneer families of the district.
    Also if you look back through history or speak with the pioneer relatives of the district it also had another name originally other than Flowerdale. So I have been told.
    The whole area before govt depts changed without consultation was named Flowerdale.
    Late in 2008 there were surveys sent out to all residents asking what address they use & if they would like it renamed back to Flowerdale. As a result the majority of residents wanted it named back to Flowerdale.
    So since the fires talking to community, holding community meetings & Flowerdale Forum Workshop it was asked if residents would like this to still happen & the answer was yes.
    So we have be endeavouring since 2008 to clarify & get it named back to original name then the fires interrupted what work was already done. I can assure it is back on track again.
    Sorry but I just had to clarify for anyone who maybe doubting what the FRC or any other community member may have or been doing in regards to the name of our town.

  8. How about doing another survey, now, instead of using 2008 data to justify the change. You may find that attitudes have changed, markedly, since 2008. Ours has since we signed the 2008 petition.

    History is a nice thing, Jules. We have heard a different story about how Hazeldene came to be, from the elders of the community. Different versions will be told depending on peoples agendas. We can see yours from your story. Our version of how Hazeldene got its name is a more feasible folk lore tale.

  9. Unfotunately, I read this blog and shake my head! what injustice has been done here the council takes away the name of our town that has been since 1918 "maps in the state library" clearly state this. If (anonyoumas) had taken time to research this rather than post statements that are cutting, childish and incorrect. We dont want a community house because kinglake has one We dont want a skate park because Kinglake has one. We dont want Doctors and services because we can travel to kinglake.........We are rate payers and have the right to have all of the above services for our childen our future not all own cars or two car families maybe would could catch the bus that runs once a day, and Yes we need to have these things..... We are adults not school children
    and this school yard behaviour should be left where it belongs. I am proud to be a flowerdalian not a hazeldelian we are one community. Be constructive to our community not damming work togrther we are Australians.


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