Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fire Recovery Weed Spraying in Flowerdale Area

A contractor in the Flowerdale district already and he has treated the following roadsides for Regionally Controlled weeds (including blackberry).
Moores Rd
Messmate Rd
Spring Valley Rd
Old Spring valley Rd
Collins Rd
Kenny's Rd
Margetts Rd
Upper King Parrot Creek Rd
Yea Spur Rd
He has been using Brush off and pulse and due to this mixture you may
not see any die back immediately, but more so in a few months. They are
doing spot spray of the weeds and are taking care not to destroy native
vegetation. My contractors are covering the road verge but are not
responsible for roadside maintenance of drains/curbs/channels that run
alongside the road. This spray program is organised and implemented by
the Assets and Infrastructure department within Shire.
Any queries please give me a call on 57720702 or 0408 021 164.

Sue McNair
Murrindindi Shire Council