Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Material Aid - Flowerdale

The Flowedale Recovery Committee in conjunction with DHS and VBRRA, have been auditing the need for material aid here in Flowerdale, you would be aware a survey was conducted and this information has been collated.
The main priorities identified were for canned food, for both human and pet consumption, and for summer clothing. There are other close resources and facilities to source these requirements from, and the lack of available funding to keep the portables functional at the Hub in Flowerdale, will mean closure of material aid in Flowerdale.
Alternatives for food, if you are experiencing difficult times is available through Berry Street which is provided by the Community House.
All other material aid assistance can be accessed via the following:
- Case Managers (especially for large items such as fridges/couches etc)
- Moya White, VBRRA Donations Co-ordinator has vouchers on offer (see her at the hub to discuss)
- Pheasant Creek Warehouse provides clothing and other items.
- Salvation Army – Whittlesea
- St Vincents DePaul - Whittlesea
The community bus would be available to transport people/s to various other places to access aid (see Leanne Pleash, DHS at the hub).
After all was considered and discussed the material aid centre will close in Flowerdale on 30th September due the high costs of keeping the portables operational.
Please access and utilise this service before the 30th September.

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