Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aarwun Gallery donate art for those who lost their homes

On Saturday Robert Stephens, from Aarwun Art Gallery, and Elissa Massey, a NSW artist, arrived in Flowerdale with 400 paintings for the bushfire victims in Flowerdale.

The ABC news covered the event as Robert left from Canberra and also introduced Joy Warren the owner of the Solander Art Gallery who worked with Robert to collect the artwork.

The truck full of artwork was kindly provided by Kennard's

Robert and Elissa were greeted by Sharon Collins, the coordinator of the Arts Group work engine together with John Burgess, Peter Auty, Annie Robertson, Odette Hunter and myself.

The artwork has been put in storage and we will organise an event in the near future to distribute the artwork. We will work with the Art Work Engine group to organise the registration and distribution process.

In the video below Robert and Elissa talk about the project

Elissa personally donated two works and was very keen to come into the community herself. Her two pieces are displayed below:

The idea started when a Deloitte colleague of mine, Hamish Stephens, son of Robert, saw me talk about how the Flowerdale Community had responded to the Black Saturday disaster and came up with the idea.

We thank all involved in this amazing project and the people in the Community are already buzzing following the ABC News report.

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