Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ideas for the Environment

i saw this article in the Murrindindi Shire Bushfire Recovery newsletter. Wonder if there are any ideas out there for Flowerdale for innovative nvironmental projects.

Environment Protection Authority (EPA) invites Victorian communities to propose fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the important environmental challenges we face.

Proposals should tackle significant environmental issues and work with Victorian communities to bring about changes in the way people think and act around issues like
climate change, pollution, air or water quality and resource use.
Funding for the Inspiring Environmental Solutions program is sourced through a legislative scheme where the 'polluter pays'. Under the Environment Protection
Act 1970 (Section 67AC), a company or individual found guilty of environmental pollution may be directed by a Magistrate to fund a community environmental project instead of, or in addition to, paying a fine. The total pool of funding on offer will vary each year, as funding is contingent upon the successful prosecution of
pollution incidents, and at the discretion of the presiding Magistrate.

Proposals accepted by EPA cannot be assured of funding within any one year, cannot be tied to a specific date and should have flexible implementation timelines.
Applications are now open until 31 March 2010.


  1. I'm sure there are a few after speaking to many for months in community with concerns over environmental issues especially weed/blackberry maintenance. Some areas are worse than others in the valley.
    Will discuss with ones I have contact with already to see what they think of it etc.

  2. We could even get ideas at FF II

  3. Yep great idea for Flowerdale Forum II between now & then will look into more for some ideas from community so it will be a start.

  4. Is this where we discuss why FLOWERDALE grants are building in Hazeldene. We r like John and not anyweher exept FLOWERDALE. Not Hazeldene. They say they r there not here but in Hazeldene. Let them have nuthing.


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