Friday, March 12, 2010

I see a sign

Time is a relative thing but I am happy to announce that after 13 months since Black Saturday the "Welcome to Flowerdale" sign that was burnt beyond recognition has been replaced at the Southern end of town.

I put a sticker on it in April and someone spray painted Flowerdale on the sign around November but we now have a brand spanking new sign. It is not a big thing but given the amount of renewal and rebuilding going on the sign wasn't a good look.

Not a great look for a town in recovery

Thanks to the people in Government who agitated to make it happen.

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  1. Great to see sign after such a long wait considering people have hounded shire for months on end about this.
    But hey they could have replaced burnt posts & back steel board. Don't think they have from what I can see on picture. Just getting out of spending money again after all the amount they have received under bushfire recovery.
    Maybe more should suggest to replace posts etc.


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