Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tree People help out

As many of you know more than 70 people have had the Flowerdale Tree logo tattooed.

An article, entitled "The Tree People" appeared in "The Monthly" magazine, talking about how tattoo artist Olivia Brumen from Vic Market Tattoos had provided the service free of charge. There are copies of the magazine at the school and Community House if you would like to see the article.

A new group was due to go down on Tuesday however when Community House contacted Olivia on Saturday she told them that the shop had been washed out in the floods that hit Melbourne on 6th March.

The Flowerdale Community action spirit kicked in and today 12 people from Flowerdale went down to Vic Market Tattoos to help clean up after the floods.

Thanks to Olivia and thanks to those who have stepped in to payback Olivia for her work in helping the community.

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