Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arts Draw a great sucess

After a lot of hard work by the Arts Work Engine led by Sharon Collins and her team the Arts Draw kicked off today.

The was a big crowd and lots of happy faces as names were drawn out and people went to collect their chosen work.

All the works were hung in the Bluescope Steel Shed at the Rec Reserve after a great team effort by volunteers on Saturday.

The whole event was made possible by the work of the team at Aaarwun Art Gallery in Canberra who collected all the works for the community.

A big thanks to the Arts Work Engine, DHS and the local volunteers who made the day a success.

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  1. We'd like to thank the Flowerdale CRC for organising this. We would, also, like to thank the Arwun Galleries and other donating persons for the lovely paintings, tapestries and prints.

    Jane, for and on behalf of the Hazeldene Community Action Group


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