Sunday, May 23, 2010

Outcomes of Mediation

As many of you may be aware a petition of No Confidence in the Flowerdale Recovery Committee (FRC) was presented to the Murrindindi Bushfire Recovery Section 86 Committee by the Hazeldene Community Action Group (HCAG).

Following the petition it was agreed that a mediation session would be held between the FRC and HCAG. Agreement was reached as set out below:

Below is a direct transcription from the whiteboard notes taken at the meeting.

1. Monthly mtg of FRC-community- agencies at Community Hall = “Community Meeting”
2. MSC to ensure notice boards and suggestion boxes go in
3. FRC / MSC to consult on noticeboard location at first community meeting
4. Renew / replenish membership = public meetings and FRC meeting
5. Valuation of painting – pro bono – Location in Community House? - consultation
FRC to report back to community re: valuation
6. Jane and John to exchange ph nos
7. Men’s Shed, Comm Garden, Arts Studio – location - Spring Valley Rd residents consulted, next step community consultation MSC process and Jane to forward results of survey and stakeholders.
8. Comm House. Residents in Silver Creek Rd to be provided with copy of plans by Community House Inc. Consultation /feedback to be included
9. Donated Goods – Deb Symons to follow up
10. HCAG and FRC agreed that they had a good collaborative meeting and the outcomes are listed above.

(Signed by all present from HCAG and FRC, and the mediator)

The above was transcribed into the following Memorandum of Agreement:

Memorandum of Agreement from the
Flowerdale Community Recovery Committee and
Hazeldene Community Action Group Meeting

6th of May 2010

Below are the outcomes of a meeting between the Hazeldene Community Action Group and Flowerdale Community Recovery Committee on May 6th 2010. Both parties agree that this document is a true and accurate representation of what was agreed.

1. The monthly meetings of the Flowerdale Community Recovery Committee (CRC) to which agencies are invited will be conducted at the Flowerdale Community Hall as community meetings, and the input/participation of the community is encouraged and welcomed. (It may be necessary to change from the first Monday of the month).

2. Hazeldene Community Action Group (CAG) indicated that they were aware of the processes recently put in place, through the MBRRC, regarding membership on the Flowerdale CRC and, for this reason, accepted that the agreement reached in Point 1 was a manageable alternative to renewing/replenishing the Flowerdale CRC membership.

3. Murrindindi Shire Council (in collaboration with the Flowerdale CRC will arrange 5 notice boards and some suggestion boxes to be erected at locations to be determined.

4. Flowerdale CRC and Murrindindi Shire Council (MSC) will consult the community on potential locations for the notice boards/suggestion boxes at the first community meeting (resulting from Point 1 above).

5. Representatives of Hazeldene CAG will arrange valuation, on a pro bono basis, of a painting of Silver Parrot Creek donated to the community. Hazeldene CAG will report back to the Flowerdale CRC, the community, and VBRRA with the outcomes. The Flowerdale CRC will then arrange consultation on the future location of the painting. It was noted that the Community House is a possibility.

6. Jane Carey and John Burgess agreed to exchange contact details to assist future liaison.

7. a) It was noted that proposals for a Men’s Shed, Community Garden and Artist Studio at the Spring Valley Reserve have been discussed with residents adjoining the Reserve. MSC is planning to conduct wider community consultation at the Flowerdale Hall regarding the proposals for a Men’s Shed, Community Garden and Artist Studio, probably in early June.
b) Jane Carey advised that Hazeldene CAG has conducted a survey within the Hazeldene Community and will provide the results of the survey to VBRRA and the Flowerdale CRC. Data collected includes information regarding community infrastructure and all relevant results will be presented.

8. Residents in Silver Creek Road are to be provided with a copy of the Community House plans by Flowerdale Community House Incorporated’s Project Manager, when they are available. Consultation on the plans will be arranged at a date to be determined.

9. Deb Symons from VBRRA will follow up in relation to questions about donated goods and advise the Flowerdale CRC and Hazeldene CAG of the outcome of her investigations.

10. Hazeldene CAG and Flowerdale CRC agreed that they had a good collaborative meeting and the outcomes are listed above.

On point 1 regarding meetings the first of the FRC meetings with government agencies and community members will be held at 7.00pm at the Community Hall on 7th June, 2010.

On points 3 and 4 the location of the notice boards will be discussed at the meeting on 7th June.

On point 5 the painting has been provided to HCAG to arrange the valuation.

On point 8 the Project Control Group has appointed Antartica, to do the plans for the new community house and the work started two weeks ago. These plans will be made available as soon as they are to hand.

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  1. Thanks Pete, for posting this.

    A copy of the original document can be found on our blog (, along with a copy of the Flowerdale CRC Terms of reference (

    More importantly, we would like to draw the communities attention to this very important community consultation, hosted by VBRRA, to discuss the Comprehensive Plan and Design Framework (Urban Design Framework). The original flyer has been posted on our blog (

    The following information was taken directly from VBRRA's website:

    Sunday 6 June

    Kinglake, Flowerdale, Toolangi Comprehensive Plan and Design Framework (KFT plan) community forums will be held today to start the planning process. The forums will be held at:

    *Flowerdale Hall, between 11am and 1pm
    *CJ Dennis Hall, Toolangi, between 11am and 1pm
    *Central Kinglake Community Centre (cnr Extons Road and Kinglake-Whittlesea Road), between 1.30pm and 5.30pm

    Hope this is useful -
    Jane, for and on behalf of the Hazeldene Community Action Group


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