Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 Earth Building Conference - Eltham

The 2010 Earth Building Conference is on!
17th – 19th September 2010, Eltham Victoria.

Packed with excellent speakers and information on:
• Thermal Mass versus Insulation
• Bush fire bunkers and fire resistant house designs using earth
• Carbon Pollution & Role of the Built Environment in Addressing Climate Change
• Affordable housing using Earth Building Techniques
• Appropriate Climate Responsive Design with Earth
• Earth Building Workshops

The Earth Building Association of Australia (EBAA) is an organisation formed to promote the use of Unfired Earth as a building medium throughout Australia.
See the website:

At such a critical time in our history, with the future of the planet at stake, and carbon reduction & options for sustainable living are at the forefront of consciousness across the world, this conference provides an opportunity to really engage with the philosophy, the practice, and the ‘hands on’ of earth building - the safest and most sustainable option available for building and community living.
EBAA Conference Program 2010_1 Sept
EBAA Conference 2010 Speakers Sept
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