Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flowerdale Community Recovery Committee Update

Flowerdale Recovery Committee

  • During the week VBRRA meet with the Recovery Committee at the Jarara site to discuss site as Community House. Committee are to meet with all stakeholders involved. It will also be discussed at Community Workshop 19th July with the community.
  • Committee has received a copy of Marysville’s Community Workshop plan to peruse to gain more ideas for our Workshop on 19th July.
  • Received donation from Blue Circle Transport of $1,000 which is now in the Flowerdale Relief Fund.
  • The committee has gained funds for the Flowerdale Primary School to go on an excursion to see the show Wicked during August. Total cost is $5,500.
  • Submission was put to Parks Victoria in regards to pine logs for community. You will see trucks now going to Strath Creek and approx 300 tonne of logs will be milled into timber at Andrew Morris sawmill. It will be sold to the community as pine timber and will be sold to anyone in the community needing it at a cheaper rate.
  • Lions Club Altona have agreed to put a Pergola, Picnic area, BBQ, Toilets at the Moores Road Reserve fully funded by them.
  • Arts Studio 12x9m shed has been funded by VBRRA. It will be erected at the end of the Rec Reserve for community use.
  • A submission has been put in for Mens Shed Grant of $50,000 for the Flowerdale Community.
  • Rec Reserve Building will have new reverse cycle air conditioner as a donation & installed for free.
  • New appointments in Committee:
    · Ric Stubbings – Funds (Flowerdale Relief Fund)
    · Relief Fund has approx $50-$60,000 which none has been used
    · Creating Finance Group which will be made up of:
    · David Long, retired accountant & involved in Yea Community Bank & Yea Rotary
    · Steve Phelan is a signatory as he was on original committee and some of the money has been specifically donated for Flowerdale Groups eg: Youth Group.
    · Other signatories will change. John Burgess will be no longer be a signatory.
    · Funds will only be used if we are unable source from elsewhere eg: grants, govt depts. Etc.
    · Julie Bateman – Events·

. All Recovery Committee Events will promoted
· All other Community Groups to advise Julie of any events they maybe having to be promoted and see if there is clash of dates

  • The Flowerdale Recovery Committee will meet weekly on a Monday Night and all minutes will be published through Community Update and on the Blog once they have been passed by the committee.
  • The mobile IPO that we were getting in Flowerdale will no longer be happening. See edition 6 of VBRRA Recovery Newsletter. So this means if you need to find information on planning etc you would have to go to Kinglake. We are going to have our own here through other sources & should be up & running by the end of July. (Further details will be advised as they come to hand).
  • There are two structure plans in place one from Council & one from VBRRA. It was questioned at Friday night’s Community meeting with Sally Abbott-Smith as to which one was correct and would like official response as to structure.
  • Issues on Section 86 were also discussed with Sally Abbott-Smith as they are advertising for committee members for advisory groups. (See attached minutes of Section 86 Meeting).
  • The shire also have (in the Section 86 minutes) about a Recovery Plan already drafted & put forwarded to VBRRA. This was questioned at Friday night’s meeting. Sally advised that it should be on the shire’s website as an attachment. It was also a plan for the whole of the shire just not Flowerdale. (We have since received copy see attached under Section 86 Committee meeting minutes).
  • Community Workshop on 19th July the Committee is open to any suggestions & ideas of needs/wants for the community. If you have any ideas etc please contact: or talk to any of the committee members.


Flowerdale CRC Minutes of Meeting 22nd June 2009

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