Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Important Community Forum - 19th July

On 19th July their will be a community forum at the rec reserve. The forum is being organised by VBRRA to gain input from the community into the masterplan for Flowerdale. VBRRA and the Recovery Committee are working together on the forum which will have an external facilitator.

The Community Expo held in April gathered some high level aspirations and the forum will go deeper into the aspirations to put together a formal masterplan for Flowerdale.

The outcomes of the forum will provide direct input into what the community wants Flowerdale to be as it emerges from the recovery. It is the forum that provides people from Flowerdale the opportunity to particpate in shaping the future of Flowerdale so it is really crucial that we get as many people as we can involved to get the broadest perspective.

An agenda and timing will be released shortly but we wanted to get some advance notice out so everyone can mark in on the calendar.

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