Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Tennis Courts

The Victorian Minister for Sport, James Merlino and local member, Ben Hardman came to Flowerdale yesterday and announced that Flowerdale will receive $100,000 for two new tennis courts as part of the $3million Bushfire Relief Grant Funding for Sports Clubs in fire affected areas.

We had asked for four courts however the maximum grant available under the fund was $100,000 which means we can only get two new courts. The Tennis Club will continue seek additional funding to get the other two courts. This will enable the existing courts to be available for a more diverse range of sporting activities in Flowerdale.

The FRC, Recreation Reserve committee and Tennis Club will continue to lobby for additional funds for sport and recreation facilities in Flowerdale, and Sport and Recreation for all in the community was a priority identified at the Future Flowerdale forum.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Pete. Yes, it is wonderful that the Minister announced $100,000. This money is sufficient for 2 courts, but is towards our 4 new proposed courts. There will be a meeting at the Recreational Reserve on Friday 31st July will all relevant stakeholders to discuss where we go from here including other possible funding options.

    Regards Jeannette Kamar – President Flowerdale Tennis Club.


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