Thursday, October 22, 2009

Community Hall gets renovated in a day

The hall itself is an old building that holds a lot of community activities and functions such as Youth Groups, Arts and Crafts, Markets, Primary School Activities, Christmas dinners and lots more.

The works that were carried out were organised by Bovis Lend Lease, Flowerdale Hall and the Community House which included the demolition of existing Verandas, Construction of new Veranda, Planting of shrubs, Crushed rock path and hardstand under the veranda, Replacing barge boards and Installation of Joinery cupboards.

The Planning for the day started back in early August with the Community House Group. We started works at the Flowerdale Hall on Wednesday afternoon with digging and pouring the footings for the veranda.

It was an early start on site on Thursday Morning which Kicked off at about 6.45am. For most of our Volunteers it meant that they left home around 5.30 - 6.00am.

Morning Tea was provided by the Community House which were some warm party pies and sausage rolls and some fresh homemade muffins.

One of the biggest Challenges for the day was the installation of 2 x M20 Tru bolts into the post Stirrups that was to hold up the structure. I think there was an allowance plus some for the wind conditions they we have been experiencing of late.
Lorron had been shopping the day before to ensure our fluids were kept up and the hunger pains stayed away.

The Lunch time BBQ came around very quickly and it would be fair to say we were travelling a couple of hours behind program. The structure was erected after lunch and the weather had turned a little nasty. The rain didn't slow us down too much. The roof sheets arrived at 4.30pm and at this point there was talk of firing the BBQ up again as we knew we were going to be installing the sheets through to dinner.
As dusk set in the team had completed the laying of the roof sheets and only had a couple of trims to finish. We enjoyed dinner at the hall with some of the locals, before we all departed for the Journey home. Friday morning was a cleanup and the finishing off of a couple of items.

It was great for our volunteers to be able to chat to some of the local people from the Community House and Hall Committee’s who had come along to assist us with our community day. It gave us all more of an idea of what the Community had to face on the day of the Bushfires and the devastation that it had left behind.

Gardner Group - Building Surveyor - Building permit which was required for the Veranda
Webber Design - Structural Engineer - Looked over and signed off the Structural Design
Akron Roads - Crushed rock under veranda and pathway
Barden Steeldeck - Roofing material for Veranda
Exar - Timber frame (Also Exars supplier has donated materials. Hazelwood and Hill)
Higgins - Paint
Warrandale - Plants
KLM - Lights and installation
Coates Hire - All terrain Scissor Lift
Meridian - Concrete for footings

Rickie Nuske
Billy Price
Wayne and Laine MacDonald
Alex and Tanya Jones
Jaime Helmot and Ric Stubbings
Bob Hearne
Paula Turner
Alison McDonald
Kristen Hanson
Chris Stutchbury
Gordon Davie
John and Ted Burgess
Annie Robertson
Julie Bateman
Odette and family
& everyone else who we may have forgotten


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  2. no it was a few weeks ago and I just got the video


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