Sunday, October 4, 2009

Community House Update

Back in May the Community House Committee and Flowerdale Recovery Committee submitted an application to the Federal Government's Jobs Fund to build a Community House and also employ building and sustainability advisers to help accelerate the rebuilding process thus providing jobs for builders and associated contractors. In addition the Community House will provide a location for service providers in areas such as health, adult education and recreation activities.

Much of the work putting together the application was done by Geraldine Gentle and Ken Mival together with assistance from Vicurban. The application was successful and the Federal Government will provide funds of $1.67 million for the Community House and employment of the building advisers.

The background to the application was that the building should fit in with the aesthetics of the Flowerdale Valley as well as adopt sustainable building and design principles. Landscaping and a playground has also been included.

The only available land suitable was at Jarara and this location also made sense as there is the need for some Community Facilities at the Southern end of the Valley where most of the population reside.

The Community House Committee and Flowerdale Recovery Committee are working with DEWR, VBRRA and Murrindindi Shire in finalising the contract and paperwork which will then allow the project to get rolling.

The application envisaged community involvement in areas such as landscaping, painting and setting up recreation facilities. This will provide the community with an opportunity to get directly involved in the rebuilding process. We have seen what the community can achieve working together at the School Gardens, the Village and some of the recent "Amish" style shed building that has been going on.

To put this project in perspective it will be the biggest expenditure on a community project in Flowerdale's history.

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