Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heartless Thieves Clean Out Bushfire Victim

Local resident Troy Burns lost everything in the Black Saturday Bushfires. Troy was a familiar sight at the Rec Reserve in the early days with his dog Red, helping out around the Village. Troy moved back to his block and had been living for some months in a caravan on his block.

"Troy and Red at the village in the early days"

On 2nd October Troy was away to attend a family funeral. When he came back the next day the caravan had been ransacked and thieves had stolen what little he had such as chainsaws, pumps, tools, gardening equipment, wood splitters and the like. After the loss he had already suffered this was a massive kick in the guts. When you look at what he had it was the things that enabled him to live on his block or to prepare to rebuild. It is hard to comprehend how people can do this. I think one thing we have sen as a result of the bushfires is that it has brought out the best in people but to a lesser extent there examples like this where it brings out the worst.

If you see Troy around give him some support but also be vigilant as many people have valuable items being brought onto their blocks as they rebuild but aren't always in attendance. If you are going to be away let your neighbours know and if possible try to secure any valuables.

If you know anything call Yea Police on 57972630.

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