Sunday, June 6, 2010

Community Dinners continue to grow

Community Dinners have been held each fortnight at the Flowerdale Recreation Reserve since October. The dinners were set up to allow people in the Community to get together and have a bit of fun while sharing their experiences and challenges.

From a relatively small start the dinners have become a key part of the social fabric of the town. It was something that Bob and Ann Dixson, from Greensburg mentioned when they visited Flowerdale, as an important part of the recovery of their town after the tornado in 2007.

These days when i come into town on the weekend of the dinners everyone is talking about how good the dinner was.

The talk around town right now is the Fancy Dress Dinner to be held on the 18th June. This will no doubt be the biggest community dinner so far so make sure you get thinking about your costume and turn up for what will be a fantastic night.

It is also great to see how the Community Kitchen at the Recreation Reserve has become such a useful Community asset and makes a great contribution to the recovery.