Sunday, June 6, 2010

Electric Vehicles Workshop

A small but enthusiastic crowd attended the Electric Vehicles workshop at the Recreation Reserve on Saturday 5th June.

The workshop was facilitated by CERES, who brought their Electric Van to show us how it all worked.

There was a heap of points discussed included the current state of the New Electric Car market, conversion of existing vehicles, the power required to run the vehicles, recharging infrastructure, the range, saftey issues and plenty more.

From the information provided it seems that 'pure" electric vhicles will really hit the market in a big way from 2012 with most of the major manufacturers working on electric vehicles.

There was also a representative of the Geelong Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts club who took us through how the Geelong group work together to convert existing vehicles to electric vehicles. As the day went on there was a lot of enthusiasm to have an electric vehicle conversion as a project for the mens shed.

There was also quite a bit of discussion about solar energy and there are quite a number of people in the area who have become fully self sufficient using solar.

Thanks to CERES and the Geelong EV club for making the trip and sharing their knowledge.