Sunday, June 20, 2010

Despite news reports building work keeps accelerating

It was interesting to read the article in the Herald Sun "Bushfire Rebuild Falters". There is no way you would say that rebuilding work is faltering in Flowerdale.

I did a count a couple of weeks ago and counted over 70 complete or on the go between the Flowerdale signs. I am sure I would have missed a few as well.

Every time I drive into town I see the signs of new building work everywhere. For the casual observer it is really noticeable when you drive into the Southern end of town with four in a row that all look pretty close to completion. You also see a really big cluster of activity in Creekside with many that are complete or close to completion.

Driving down Silver Creek, Silver Parrot, Riverside, Goats Rd and Long Gully you realise there is rebuilding activity everywhere.

It is a credit to all who have endured so much adversity since February 2009 that so many have been able to work their way through what is a tough process.