Monday, July 26, 2010


The Project Reference Group for the new Community House is seeking input on the inclusion of the Flowerdale Valley Tree Logo into its design. The plans include the design being put on the roof and incorporated into the floor near the entrance of the building.

We have included a short history of the Tree Logo below. If you have opinions – positive or negative – would you please e-mail them to:


After the fires of February 2009, people were invited to submit a logo for the Flowerdale Valley. The group who organized the Day of Service And Celebration held last year at Moores Road Reserve, decided on a winner and 400 Tree Logo badges were made. Each person who attended that day was given an “iron-on” badge with the new Flowerdale Valley Logo on it. This was a gift to each attendee – a memento of the day – a reminder that we are united in all our grief and all our joys - a symbol of hope and recovery. This gift was paid from the Memorial Funds money auspiced through the Shire of Murrindindi.

Many people wear the badge with pride on a favourite piece of clothing. Many people have put the badge safely away – for some, the first of a new collection of mementos. More than 85 people of all ages, across the Flowerdale Valley, have the Tree Logo tattooed on some part of their body. Tee-shirts with the Tree Logo are being sold locally with all profits being donated to the “Flowerdale Fund”. One of our local artists is using the Tree Logo as the central theme of her installation, as part of the Illuminated By Fire Arts Project. The well renowned author, Arthur Zable has written about the Flowerdale Valley Tree Logo in “The Monthly”, which is circulated Australia wide.