Friday, July 2, 2010

Where will "Dale" show up next???


Saturday was rainy, cold.
Five of us were brave and bold.
Got to Burgo’s shed and met
our fellow chain saw suffragettes.
Roaring fire warmed us up.

Put some coffee in a cup.
Bolt down coffee. Let’s begin.
Don’t touch chainsaws, just tune in.

Peter Auty gives his pearls
of wisdom for the chain saw girls.
“Safety, safety, safety first.
Those who are not safe are cursed”.

Next, we pull the saw apart,
before we even make it start.!!!!!
I think: “Now Pete don’t push your luck,
cause my mechanic’s skills, they suck”
I think: “It’s going to take forever
to put the beggar back together”
But smooth as silk our Pete explained
the mystery of the saw unchained.
We gave our saws a healthy cleaning.
Give their workings some vague meaning.
Identified the parts and then
put them back together again.
Bits left over? No.!!! Surprise.!!!

Learnt more than I realized.!!
Then with our files we learned a thing
or two about chain sharpening.

I’m a chain saw devotee.
I’ll chain saw everything I see.
(Joke there, Pete) I won’t abuse it.
First I have to learn to use it.!!!!!
That’s why I’m going back next week.
(I’m going to be a chainsaw freak)
And shout until I’m bloody hoarse,
how great is the girl’s chainsaw course?
I like chain saws, yes sir-eeee.
Chain saws are the tool for me.