Monday, July 12, 2010

From Chainsaw Classes to Timberware Parties

The chainsaw classes for women are now in the second cycle and have a new name. Participants in the most recent group said the classes were a bit like a Tupperware party and have christened the classes Timberware Parties.

The classes are now about to go through the third cycle and we have had participants from Flowerdale together with Strath Creek, Murrindindi and Kinglake.

The graduates I have spoken to are almost scarily excited about their new found skills. I even spotted a recent graduate yesterday having a relaxing drink at the pub having spent the day with her husband on a firewood collection mission.

There are a heap of photos I just added to the Flowerdale Photo Collection on Flickr
so check them out and if you are interested in attending a Timber Party contact Peter Auty at