Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Build it back Green - What we can learn from Greensburg

In May 2007 the town of Greensburg, Kansas was destroyed in a tornado. Greensburg has now built back green and has become a model for disaster recovery around the world. To find out more see the Greensburg website. The site has videos of the rebuilding process as well as the recovery plan for Greensburg.

The Mayor of Greensburg, Bob Dixson will visit Flowerdale for a Community Presentation on how Greensburg went about rebuilding and where it is at today. The event will take place at 11.00am at the Spring Valley Recreation Reserve.

So put in in your diary, it will be great opportunity for Flowerdale from someone that has recently gone through the disaster recovery process. The motto of Greensburg is "Stronger, Better, Greener"Better,Greener"

This is an event that is open to others in surrounding communities and their supporters.

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