Tuesday, June 16, 2009

“Flowerdale Choir brings tears to the eyes of Steve and Greg”

When Steve Polz and Gregory Page came to Flowerdale it was a cold evening, tinged with rain, and a good deal of mud lay on the ground outside the little Flowerdale Hall. The Flowerdale Primary School Singing Group were filled with pre-performance excitement, while the rest of us were filled with delicious home made pastas – exquisitely rich Spag Bol, creamy chicken & vege pasta bake – pumpkin soup, and crumble desserts.

Steve Polz and Gregory Page, from San Diego, California, interrupted their Australian Tour to visit Flowerdale for a night of food, fun and free entertainment. The lads won our hearts with their bluesy music, clever lyrics and funny performances. They were not the slightest bit interested in promoting themselves, preferring to be immersed in the Flowerdale culture and vibe, and to soak up the energetic performance of our little Flowerdale Primary School Singing Group which was a great prelude to the night. The kids brought a tear to the eyes of our visitors, and they were a credit to our lovely Gerri, who was plucked from obscurity, after a few drinks and a bit of karaoke at a staff Christmas party, and elevated to the lofty heights of Singing Teacher at the school.

Very few adult musical artists of international fame can lay claim to keeping a bunch of pre-schoolers dancing to their music – but these guys can. While some of the parents were experiencing elevated stress levels because their toddlers were “bouncing around the hall while the performance was on”, Steve and Greg were clearly enjoying their young captive audience. Captive too, were the 78 adults who came to the hall that night. Some of us were huge fans, others had never heard of Steve and Greg before. It didn’t seem to matter much which group one fell into. The vibe by the end of the evening was fantastic, and we’ve been listening to Steve Polz and Gregory Page CDs ever since – well worth investigating if you like easy music with a bit of cerebral stimulation.

Thank you to Steve and Gregory. That was a night which will linger in our memories for a long time. I think these guys were perfect for Flowerdale – perhaps they should think of moving here. How cool would that be?

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