Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kevin Rudd vists Flowerdale & Kinglake

Kevin Rudd vistited Flowerdale and Kinglake on Wednesday 10th June, the main purpose of this visit was to inspect and discuss issues at the relevant hubs.Mr Rudd had lunch at the Flowerdale Hotel ( a roast I believe) and then proceeded to the hub where he met and talked to most there, and had a private meeting with DHS staff.
It was good to see the PM take the time out of his busy schedule and visit the Fire effected areas... John Burgess and Julie Bateman (Flowerdale Recovery Committee) were in attendance and although we didn't get much time to discuss issues with Mr Rudd, we did manage to suggest that keeping the Solar Panel Rebate going for the people that lost thier homes would be a good thing and managed to get a photo opportunity.


  1. hi guys still wondering if anyone can explain how the votes were tallied refer to comments 4th June Can any one out there explain please ??????????

  2. I have checked it out and my understanding is that it was done on the basis of each vote was counted as one vote. In election terms it was not done as preferential but on a "first past the post basis. Votes were counted by DHS and Ross the school principal. Pete

  3. Thanks pete for your response. I know that leann, Ross and co would of done a very accurate & honest job with the counting of the votes. This is a little different to how I thought a preferental vote would be counted but i'm happy with the committee any way. Cheers keep up the good work.


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