Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flowerdale Recovery Committee

First meeting was to discuss what stage the existing committee was up to, and whom they were networking with.

Second meeting committee decisions were made on protocol, procedures and planning for community recovery.

The following are now Chair, Secretary & Communications:

John Burgess (Chair)
Annie Robertson (Secretary)
Julie Bateman (Communications)

Community consultation process will be discussed at the Community Meetings held on Fridays at the Rec Reserve at 8pm. This will enable the community to decide the best way to to gather information for their wants and needs.
If you have any ideas as to what the community needs are for present & future please feel free to have your say at the meetings. In the near future there will be suggestion boxes set up a the Hazeldene General Store, The Hub & The Rec Reserve.
The Committee looks forward to working the Community & assist with recovery of the Community.

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