Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cold and Wet but signs of rebuilding

It was a cold and wet long weekend in Flowerdale. With rain during the week and the cold snap on the weekend many of the blocks that have been cleared were wet and muddy.

For those living in caravans or tents times will get tougher with the combination of cramped conditions and muddy ground.

There is still a huge amount of debris around the place particularly fallen trees and branches as you go down places like Silver Creek Rd. The empty blocks do remind you of just how many places were lost.

Among the cleared sites however there are signs of rebuilding with one house at frame stage and a few blocks have builders boards out the front indicating more people are embarking on the rebuilding phase.

It is still a concern that there is not much information out there for people ready to rebuild and we are trying to get the relevant parties to provide assistance to residents on the ground in Flowerdale, we will keep you posted.

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