Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flowerdale and Circus Oz - a great combination

Cirucs Oz performed in the Big Top at Flowerdale Recreation Reserve on 6 November to a full house. The cast normally numbers 12 but with performances by the Kinder Kids, the School kids and the workers from the relief hub there were plenty of locals on stage.

Circus Oz spent a week in the Community staying at the Rec Reserve and running workshops with the school and kinder as well as up the hub. The excitment before the show was fantastic with all the kids geared up to perform.

The show was fantastic with acrobatics, juggling, music, comedy and theatrics. The feedback after the show was that not only were the Circus acts great but the threatrics of the performers took it to the next level of entertainment. The performances of the locals all went really well and everyone was surprised at how quickly everyone had learn't new skills.

A big thanks to Circus Oz for coming to town and for the supporters who made it all happen.

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