Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rebuilding gathers momentum

The question i am most often asked by people in the city is "How is the rebuilding going?". On the weekend i drove around and took some photos of the rebuilding in Flowerdale.

There are over 30 houses on the go that I counted and they are at various stages from a builders sign on the block, signalling a project ready to start, stumps in the ground, partially built houses and those that are pretty well complete. There are also dozens of sheds that people are using for temporary accommodation while they rebuild. I also know there are many other people getting ready to start which is great news.

if you need help or advice go to the Integrated Planning Office and catch up with Marcus Worrall, the office also has computers with web access if you need to look up things on the web and there is also the website that is a fairly comprehensive guide to all things about rebuilding after a bushfire.

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  1. It is fantastic to see Hazeldene being rebuilt after losing over 200 houses.


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