Saturday, November 7, 2009

V8 Supercar rolls into town

On Thursday, V8 Supercar driver Alex Davison and the Irwin Industrial Tools came to town to mix with locals at the Flowerdale Hotel. In addition Irwin Industrial Tools also donated $5000 of tools for the Tools Library at the hub.

Davison is an avid trail bike rider and had often ridden around the Flowerdale area, stopping off at the pub for a Parma at lunchtime.

"The visit is a simple way to say to the people of Flowerdale that we are still thinking of them some eight months after the Black Saturday disaster. It is always fantastic to see people who support our sport, but I got the strong indication that we might have grown our fan base thanks to the IRWIN Racing team’s visit to Flowerdale. I do know this area very well and have always enjoyed one of the Flowerdale Hotel’s famous parmigianas when I dropped-in for lunch during our trail bike rides. So for me it does have a special significance to make a visit with the IRWIN Racing car. I’m pleased to announce a $5000 donation of products from IRWIN Industrial Tools. IRWIN has an extensive range which I have no doubt will be of great assistance in the continued re-building process. I’d like to call on more businesses to support this great scheme here in Flowerdale. Also we have donated some ex-race panels which I’m sure will prove popular in ongoing fundraising auctions and the like. Plus one for the pub wall which looks great! The big message is for people to continue to support not only Flowerdale but all the communities that were affected in the bushfires. Donations or simply coming to these regions and energising business is going to go a long way to getting things back to where they were."

A big thanks to Alex and Irwin Industrial Tools for their time and donation, it is very much appreciated.

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