Monday, November 23, 2009

Johnny Meets the Blue Dog - Peter Auty's latest poem

A big problem facing people in the Bushfire Affected regions has been dealing with the upcoming fire season. People are edgy and concerned particularly with the recent spate of hot and dry weather. Peter Auty Flowerdale's local poet and CFA Volunteer experienced an anxiety attack driving to work a couple of weeks ago and has turned it into a poem.

Please share the poem around as we hope it helps surface the issues that many people in the Bushfire Affected areas are facing.

This is the third poem of the series, the other two No More a poem written shortly after the fires and read out and the national memorial service, and Johnny and the Weasels written about the frustrations of the recovery process.


  1. Wonderfully put into words Pete.
    Having suffered anxiety attacks myself i have an idea what you went through and are going through.
    When i met you i thought you were an amazing individual - i still do.
    You and the others are in our thoughts and prayers.
    We wish there was more we could do.
    Lion Kerry Cook - Altona Lions

  2. Does anyone know where I can find the poems in written text?


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