Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flowerdale wins international award for use of Technology

On 28th October, the Flowerdale Community was awarded a Groundswell award by Forrester Research for "Best use of Social Media for Social Impact"

The Groundswell awards focus on how organisations or Communities are using things like blogs, wikis, YouTube, Flickr, Scribd, Twitter etc to make a difference.

They covered how this blog has been a key tool for dissemination of news and information, raising funds and goods from donors and philanthropists, the use of the wiki in coordinating the building of the village and the website.

Flowerdale waa represented by a Deloitte colleague of mine in Chicago, Valli Perera. Valli said firstly he was honoured to represent Flowerdale and that the award to Flowerdale received the most applause on the night.

A lot of people have contributed to the award through the contribution of photos, stories, videos and pulling the information together to be published. A special mention should also go to Julie Bateman of the FRC who has worked tirelessly on the communications front.

To see the background to the award see it at the Groundswell awards site.

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