Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DHS dislocation grants - too hard for survivors

i am really pleased that the DHS has made dislocation grants available however many survivors will struggle with the requirements.

To apply you need:

A copy of the form
Copies of ID documents (eg Licence, passports, medicare)
Copies of bills with your address
A statutory declaration witnessed by an eligible person

I took the forms over to my parents in law last night, and as i am an eligible witness (i am a Chartered Accountant, who became a web guy). They had their ID and were lucky to grab some paperwork when they left. They will need to get to a photocopier to lodge their form today to provide copies.

In places like Flowerdale many survivors will not have bills or ID, when your place is on fire you tend to grab photos and pets rather than bills. i dont think there is a copier in town.

I am taking forms in on the weekend with a printer and copier and will cover as many as I can but i think it may be a pretty big hassle for many in the affected communities. Will keep you posted

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