Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why are you doing this Victoria Police?

Just got off the phone to my sister in law 8.30pm 14/2. Yesterday she came down from Flowerdale having been involved in fighting fires with no outside assistance for days, (see the video in the previous post). She was given a Resident's ID band and told she could come back.

She had come down and Thursday as well to give me the cry for help and to try to get the story out, (see first post). She got back in by running two road blocks.

She went to the relief centres in Diamond Creek and Whittlesea to get some of the things she needed and was planning to go back. She was just told by the police that they will not let her back up to Flowerdale and if she breaks the roadblock she will be arrested.

Why are the police effectively holding Flowerdale under siege? Can't you guys just get out of the way. The Flowerdale residents have given up hoping for help from the authorities and are fighting the fight on their own; why do they have to put up with this type of hindrance?

This is a disgrace and must be exposed.

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