Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the Ground update

The ADF are on the ground helping with meals but the word is they are moving out tomorrow so the Flowerdallians will have to fend for themselves again. Not sure what the ADF strategy is they pulled out last Thursday then came back on Tuesday and are pulling out again.

There are quite a few kids there and the normal swimming holes in the King Parrot Creek have been contaminated so a couple of blow up splash pools might be useful but there is not much water, sure we can work that out.

The other thing that would be really useful would be child minding or a temporary creche. The parents are trying to get things together but have kids in tow, and anyone who has had kids knows how hard it is to get things done when kids are bored and hanging around.

Accommodation is a problem and hopefully we can get some caravans in soon.

Got the laptops today (thanks to the Deloitte IT people for sorting this out) and Telstra are helping me with Next G cards. Telstra have really stood up in terms of getting comms up and helping the victims.

I bought a printer/fax/copier to take up on the weekend which will be useful.

The residents of Flowerdale Rd, Glen Iris have adopted their namesake town, thanks Diana. If anyone wants to contact me re help call me on 0433141943 or email , i am also regularly updating on twitter my name on there is rexster

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