Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update - 21 Feb - Action Stations

Came into Flowerdale today and things are on the move. Portland House rolled in with the first four caravans to the mini village starting to establish itself on the rec reserve. We have the lap tops on the ground and Telstra will set up an antenna with access on Monday.

About six families have been established and more activity is happening around the newly delivered caravans.

Still need some cash to get kindergarten staff up and running, they only did 16 hours historically but we really need to run 5 days a week. My parents and my wife and I have put in the first $1000 but we need more. Will post details of where to put in direct deposits and cut out the middle man (ie me). Spirits are high things are happening. Watch this space and i will try to find out more info on what help they need

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