Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flowerdale gets Rockin'

Sitting in the pub listening to the music, while working hard on pulling together the plans for the Village. We got the firebreak in place yesterday, great effort from Ian Kennedy and Rob Dumsday, we talked about it on Thursday and it was done by Friday.

On a less happy note the Police and Army Forensic teams are working through the areas of the town that were destroyed on Black Saturday. A tough job but they are putting in a big effort and have a very large team. It is part of the process and until they finish the clearing process can't begin.

The roadblock at the Community Hall has been moved back towards Whittlesea so at least people can access the Pub without going into the destruction zone.

Expecting a heap of stuff to land in the Village tomorrow and today cranes are putting the 27,000 lt. water tanks in place.

Cool new quiet generator has landed and will be sufficient to provide power for the time being.

Expecting huts to land tomorrow.

If anyone has access to large marquees (10m X 21m with floors) let me know because we have one that is being hired but it is not a sustainable long term solution.

Keep rocking...Flowerdale Rocks....blues music, pub is going off

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