Saturday, February 14, 2009

things are moving

Supplies started to flow into Flowerdale yesterday but more importantly authorities have now given ID armbands to residents to let them get out and come back in.

Prior to that the residents who had stayed in the community were unable to access the relief supplies.

My sis in law got down to the Diamond Creek relief centre and was able to get plenty of the essentials like:

A mobile phone with $600 of prepaid call - Thanks Optus
Torches and Batteries
Clothes for herself and kids
Some toys for the kids
Tents, sleeping bags and blankets
Some time with a counsellor
A massage
Some food to take up the hill

The kids were happy and are keen to go back to "the free shop".

I think the biggest thing for my Sis in law was that there was so much help available but the policy of the emergency services meant people in the hardest hit and more isolated spots could not access it and felt abandoned as per the first post on the blog.

I think the lesson here is once the immediate threat is gone residents should be allowed to get in and out, using some form of ID to be able to get what they need when they need it.

Hopefully we will get back in today and see what else they need

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