Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The survivor spirit

Most of my posts have been on the agitated side of the ledger and i thought it is important to let people know that the community spirit is still alive and well in Flowerdale. In town the words "god's own country" are often heard even after the fires. You see a lot more smiles than tears, you hear a lot more laughs than cries and although frustration often rises it quickly turns to ironic laughter.

The community is all together at the pub and people of all ages who stayed in town throughout black Saturday and have never left are all there to help each other. The community has been through hell but their spirit, sense of togetherness and sense of humour will make them stronger. The locals reckon that maybe half the people will never return. I have spoken to Flowerdale residents who are in Whittlesea and for some they simply say "I never want to go back up that hill again" which is completely understandable. But for those who stay, they will put up with the rough conditions and the frustrations, because they know what they have been through has forged a unique community bond which most of us will never have the joy of experiencing.

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