Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Car Disappears at Store

I heard on the grapevine that a local resident dropped by the store last week and when he walked out his car had gone.

He immediately raced into the store and asked for the police to be called as his car had been stolen. While waiting for the police to answer it was pointed out to our local that there was a car in the creek which could be the one he was looking for.

The car was later pulled from the creek not too much the worse for wear. It put a new slant on the term "Flowerdale Recovery".

I dont want to name names but suffice to say it was a real "Who Dunn it"

Please feel free to add comments, intel but more importantly photos.


  1. Can you use another means apart from Scribd as it really slows the pages when they are loading, to a 'why bother trying' speed,apart frm being extremely hard to read when you can load them and need to enlarge pages to read them.

  2. you can go directly to and download the whole thing it is the best free available document sharing site I could find.Do you know of any others?


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