Sunday, August 30, 2009

City of Ballarat presents Flowerdale with a Eureka Flag

This week we received a gift from the City of Ballarat in the form of a Eureka Flag. The Mayor and the CEO Anthony Schinck had seen me give a presentation in which I spoke about how the Eureka Flag had become a symbol in the town during the aftermath of the fires. The flag flew in many places around Flowerdale and was also on the grey "Never Give Up" TShirts that many Flowerdallians have in their wardrobe.

"Peter Auty holds up the Eureka Flag presented by the City of Ballarat"

In the letter that accompanied the flag, Anthony Schinck says that the flag represents the admiration for the Flowerdale Community as well as a reminder that we are not forgotten six months after the fires.

We will now put our minds to where it will go but at this stage we are looking at putting it at the relief hub.

City of Ballarat

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