Friday, August 21, 2009

Flowerdale/Hazeldene Initial Recovery Plan

The FRC met the deadline VBRRA put upon the committee to finish the intial recovery plan by th 18th August. After lots of long hours for two weeks we were able to submit the Community Recovery Plan in person on 18th August.
The following is the document that was presented to VBRRA.

Flowerdale Community Recovery Plan Final


  1. Hi FRC

    Well done. However, when I try to view the document, Scribd tells me "The owner of this document has chosen for this document to be secret—only people with the correct password can view it." :-) No big deal. Do you plan on emailing out a pdf as well?

  2. Rein
    I have altered settings so should be able to view now. Sorry about not making it public must have forgot to untick box. If you have any problems just let me know by email.

  3. Thanks Julie. All good :-)


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