Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flowerdale/Hazeldene Recovery Plan Meeting

The Flowerdale Recovery Committee had a very successful meeting with all people on work engines, VBRRA, Shire & DHS this evening. The input & feedback on our draft document was very informative and well on the way to completing.

As a group tonight it was decided that we need to list the priorities of the recovery plan. List 1-14.
We would like as many peoples input as possible as to what they may think are the priorities & due to short period of time we have to complete the task at hand we would like input back by Wednesday 12 noon.

The FRC apologiises for the short notice but we only have til next Monday to complete the whole document & send to VBRRA to meet the deadline put upon us.

All priorities can be returned to PO Box 2060, Hazeldene 3658 or email: jbateman@y7mail.com or phone 0418589072.

If you know of anyone who maybe interested in contributing can you please pass on the above information.

Thankyou on behalf of the FRC

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