Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flowerdale launches Build it Back Website

After some fairly intensive work over the last few weeks we have launched a step by step guide to rebuilding for Bushfire Victims called www.builditback.org. We have aggregated as many of the key links and documents on the web we can find and we are also getting video content from people with expertise such as Master Builders, Sustainability Victoria and Murrindindi Shire Council.

There has been really good feedback already from those who have seen it and tested it. We have tried to make it simple and easy to use and for those without internet connections you will be able to access it at the Flowerdale Integrated planning Office at the Hub.

The site was an initiative of me and the FRC. We had input from Leanne at the hub and Jimmy O'Keefe talked us through the difficulties faced by someone trying to work through the building process. The site was built by two guys I used to work with at Deloitte who now freelance, Jason Strachan the developer and George Hiley the web developer.

If you are interested in seeing George, the guy who built it and where he did it meet him below. He started the site in Indonesia and finished the site off in the remote regions of the Northern Territory. He is a hippy sort of guy.

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