Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flowerdale/Hazeldene Recovery Plan

After discussions with VBRRA earlier this week the Flowerdale Recovery Committee found out the first draft of the Recovery Plan is the responsibility of the FRC and has to be submitted by 18th August.
Although we would have liked more notice we were heartened that we could take control of the process and drive the outcomes.
The key principles we have adopted in the plan are:

The Community spirit and resolve to build back safely and sustainably.
The community has expressed its desire to maintain those things which made Flowerdale a great place to live but use this opportunity to make Flowerdale safer, more sustainable, liveable and prosperous.

We will be submitting documentation by the 17th August to VBRRA & ask the community for feedback, suggestions & any alterations asap so we can meet the deadline put upon us.

If you know of anyone in the community who would like to view the document could you please pass on all information or to contact Julie Bateman (see details below) to organise a copy to be emailed to them or hard copy from Leanne Pleash (see details below).

For any comments, suggestions & alterations you would like to contribute please contact Julie Bateman: or PO Box 2060, Hazeldene or phone 0418589072.

If you would like hard copy of this document it is available from Leanne Pleash, DHS Captain Hub, Flowerdale, please phone 57802704.

Thankyou on behalf of the Flowerdale Recovery Committee

Flowerdale Hazeldene Community Recovery Plan

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  1. G'day all

    My name is Sam - I'm the Scout Leader for the 1st Toodyay Scout Group, a Scout Group in rural WA (small country town).

    Our local fire brigade (Coondle) decided to drive over a trailer full of quilts and we coordinated donations of toiletries to be distributed to the people in Flowerdale.

    The kids have asked on numerous occasions how you are all doing, so it is great to see your blog and how your town is coping post recovery.

    What I would like to know is if there is anything that the kids can do to help a family, your school or another community group in Flowerdale on an ongoing basis during the recovery period. I know sometimes the support received can be intangible (lost my own home in a fire some years ago) and we would like to offer our support in whatever way we can.

    My home email address is You are all still in our thoughts over the next year (the toughest bit!)



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