Monday, August 3, 2009

Pulling together the Recovery Plan

After discussions with VBRRA this week we found out that the Flowerdale Recovery Committee is responsible for coming up with the first draft of the Recovery Plan by 18th August.

Although we would have liked more notice we were heartened that we could take control of the process and drive the outcomes.

The inputs into the plan are:

  • The Safe and Sustainable Workshop with CSIRO in April
  • The Future Flowerdale Forum
  • Community Meetings since the fires
  • Meetings with the FRC and leaders of the existing community groups
  • The Forum with Mayor Bob Dixson and the Community Plan from Greensburg
  • Meetings relating to the Kindergarten and Community House
  • Inputs to the FRC via discussions or the blog
We have compiled the data and are in the process of pulling a plan together and hope to have a first draft by 7th August, 2009.

The key principles we have adopted in the plan are :

  • The Community spirit and resolve to build back safely and sustainably.
  • The community has expressed its desire to maintain those things which made Flowerdale a great place to live but use this opportunity to make Flowerdale safer, more sustainable, liveable and prosperous.

We will provide the draft at the Community Meeting at the Rec Reserve on Friday night, 7th August, and seek comment and input.

Once we add the input we will provide a first draft for discussion to VBRRA at the FRC meeting on Monday, 10th August.


  1. Can the draft be sent out for people who live in the area and lost everything (mainly those living in Hazeldene) to comment on? It worries me that decisions seem to be being made, predominantly by people who did not lose their houses, regarding expectations related to us re-building (read "Sustainable"; "Mayor Dixson"). Not all of us have the time, ability or inclination to attend your meetings (read the meeting of the Flowerdale CRC/Tennis Club/Village People at the Rec Reserve) and it would be a worthwhile exercise to be able comment on something, from all appearances/ written words, you want us to do regardless of our level of interest!

  2. Thanks for all your hard work to date FRC.

    I do however agree with Anonymous about circulation of the draft although it is dissapointing that he/she feels the need to be anonymous.

    The problem as I see it is that, although short notice from VBRRA is a problem, it is concerning that we now have a situation where there is little opportunity for as many severely affected people as possible to view and maybe comment on the draft. It is now just a little over 24 hours to the "viewing". Should not the draft already be published on this site and circulated to all on the mailing/phone/email lists...especially if there is to be a meeting next Monday night to plan further? A look at the draft on Friday night for those who can make it does not seem to be adequate notice/time for something as large scale and important as this. I'll be at tomorrow's meeting. Many won't be. Is there not some way of addressing the concerns of "anonymous"? I suspect he/she is not a lone voice out there. A little less matter what the pressure, may help us all help the whole community a bit better and encourage "anonymous" to "come out" and feel more empowered?

  3. PS:

    Anonymous...I add that it is unfair to label the meetings at the Rec Reserve as "Flowerdale CRC/Tennis Club/Village People" meetings. They are open to all for all to have input. It is unfortunate that there is no alternate venue in the southern end of the valley...but that's just the way it is. Please don't see the current geographic separation as some sort of division in community spirit. Everyone in Flowerdale has only one thing at heart...the future of Flowerdale/Hazeldene (artificial divide) and the people who live in the valley. It is incumbent on all who care and/or are affected to make sure they are heard and understood.

  4. Hi Rein and Anonymous

    Problem is we started writing the draft on Sunday and have worked through the week to pull everything together and we are still compiling it. We dont have a first draft ready as yet and are still working on it as we speak.

    I dont think that there are any surprises in it but before we publish it to the world we want to get some Flowerdale Community feedback. We recognise that this is a big deal for the long term future but we also feel that with the level of community participation in the last six months we have a pretty good feel for things.

    What we are thinking is we present the draft on Friday night, if the community are happy with what we have we publish the draft on Saturday on the blog and also email it out.

    That should give a bit of time for input.

    In fairness to the CRC and the Relief Committee that was in place before the election, we put up to VBRRA on 22 April a model for the Community to draft the recovery plan but at that time we were told that the plan would be drafted by VBRRA and the responsible agencies and authorities. It wasn't until last week that we were advised that things had changed.

    Does that make sense?


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