Saturday, April 11, 2009

Looking towards a safer and more sustainable future

During the week meetings were held with CSIRO and community planner Nigel Bell, from Eco Design Architects. These meetings were the next steps in looking at how the community can drive towards a safer and more sustainable future as Flowerdale recovers from Black Saturday.

We are holding a Community Expo and Workshop at the Spring Valley Recreation Reserve Clubrooms on Sunday, 19th April, 2009 at 10.00am. We would like as many people to attend as possible to ensure there is wide ranging input from the Community.

Nigel Bell's services have been arranged by the Australian Childrens Trust Foundation, a charitable organisation established by Andrew Forrest. Nigel's background is in Architecture and Planning and he has spent many years reseaching, writing and presenting on waste minimisation, resource efficiency, bushfires and buildings, architecture and social ecology. Nigel specialises in working with communities to identify what they value and want for the long term and helping to plan ways to achieve the community goals. This process involves community workshops that ensures maximum opportunity for participation across the entire community. Nigel is also working on a similar process in Marysville.

The CSIRO team was led by Dr Matthew Inman who is the leader of CSIRO's Sustainable Ecosystems Urban Systems Program. Matthew brought along colleagues with expertise in Design in Bushfire Prone areas, Energy Efficient Design. Communication and Water,Waste Water Management and Recycling. They will also present to the Community on Sunday, 19th April.

The idea is to provide information and education to the Community about what can be done in terms of design at an individual and community level and to capture directly from the community their key values and desires and identify the key decisions that need to be made at a community level.

The Community Committee has engaged with some of Australia's leading experts in this area to ensure Flowerdale recovers to be safer and more sustainable and we are hoping that as many people as possible participate to shape the future of Flowerdale. It is your town and the Community Committee are looking to facilitate the outcomes that the Community wants.

CSIRO also suggested people look at the Community Engagement Process at Eastlake
Ecospecifier an online tool that lets you spec your eco requirements
A CSIRO website that details the integrated assessment process that CSIRO has developed for looking at renewal of communities, it includes a small movie

We have some background flyers that we will distribute at the Shop, Pub, Community Hall and Recreation Reserve. The documents can be read below.
CSIRO Renovators Guide

CSIRO Buyers Guide

Rural Town Development

Sustainable Water and Sewerage Servicing

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