Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Relief Fund grows, Village filling up

The Flowerdale Relief Fund continues to gain momentum and has reached $34000. Not quite as big as the Red Cross Fund but we are making progress. We received $10000 from the Australian Buddhist Sociey and this was handed over to Steve at the pub by some Buddhist monks. Thank you very much.

The initial meeting of the community groups incorporating all of the existing groups in the town and the Flowerdale Recovery Committee will happen tomorrow to look at priorities for the funds and also how to continue to grow the fund.

The first 10 units in the Village have now been allocated and more units are on order. We expect more people to move in early next week. We are also getting more people in the portable chalets. Things have really settled down at the Village following the initial weeks where it was pretty chaotic. We have had people doing an inventory of what is in containers and the goods will be moved to the Hub or to the central relief hub in Clayton if there are things in there that we can't use.

Don't forget the Community Expo and Workshop on Sunday.

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