Friday, April 3, 2009

Temporary Village powers ahead

Things at the temporary village are bedding down fast. We now have power to the site so we can reduce reliance on generators. In addition work on the road has started so we will be in good shape for site access during winter, if/when it rains.

Telstra has put in a comms tower and a TV repeater so we have good communications infrastructre on the site combined with wireless internet access. A big thanks for Telstra for the work they have done.

Telstra Technicians on the job

The new tower stands proudly next to the clubrooms on the Rec Reserve

The committment for 24 units has been made and they are being built quickly. We also have the portable chalets which can provide good quality housing for Flowerdale residents that have been displaced. Contact DHS at the Services Hub if you wish to get your name on the list for accommodation in the Village.

We have arrangements in place for furnishing both the Flat Pack units and Chalets so as people move in all of the required furniture will be in place.

A communal kitchen is being set up for people living in the chalets (they don't have kitchens), and all of the Flat Pack units have cooking facilities.

The residents that are living in the Village have all been very happy with the heating, which is a good sign heading into winter. All of the chalets and units have bathrooms and toilets. They are fully plumbed and the necessary plumbng/water infrastructure is set up on site.

And finally for a bit of fun there will be an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Saturday at the village so if you have kids put it in the calendar. Will find out the time and post it.

I am also trying to get a plan of the Village in a picture format so i can put it on the blog. I am a bit technologically challenged by this task but have passed it onto someone who will do it in a snap and will get it up soon.


  1. Hope you got some of this heavy downpour today and that it didn't cause too many problems for anyone.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts.

    We got some good rain and it didn't cause problems. The road is coming along fast so we will be in good shape for wet weather at the village.

    I think Kinglake had some problems though with the rain


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